Trump’s Habit of Abandonment

By Jessica McHale Traditionally, American presidents have encouraged diplomacy and peace through treaties and international agreements before resorting to threats or violence, as that is one of the most significant shared values demonstrated by democracies…

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Celebrating Canada Day; Credit AB Aguinaldo

Celebrating 150 Years of Canada

One staff writer reflects on Canada’s history during Canada Day festivities  By Javan Latson July 1st marked a very important milestone in Canadian history, the 150th anniversary of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada becoming…


The Election and Russian-American Relations

By Jackie Olson When America elected a new president on November 8th, we were not only choosing the next president, but also deciding a business deal, one that even state officials in Moscow would have…


Russia on the Rise

By Javan Latson The world was shocked on Christmas of 1991, as the hammer and sickle was lowered for the last time in the Kremlin. After a series of relatively peaceful events throughout Eastern Europe…