Middle East


Iraqi Kurdistan: To Free Or Not To Free

By Casie Slaybaugh, Guest Writer  The Kurdish Freedom Referendum that took place on September 25th, 2017 brought to light the long-enduring plight of a stateless nation. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has been semi-autonomous since 1970….

A view of the Citadel in the city of Kirkuk, December, 12 2005

A Nation Without a State: The Kurds

By Emma Dahill All across the globe there is evidence that nationalist movements are on the rise. The most famous example is, of course, the Brexit vote, but that is far from the only one….

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Lampedusa: Europe’s Border Isle

By Jackie Olson An Italian island with a population just over 6,000, Lampedusa was once considered a secret vacation getaway for Europeans, receiving almost 50,000 tourists a year. Now, due to its proximity to the…

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The Next Crusade

By Javan Latson Two hundred and fourty-one United States soldiers were killed in a bombing at the marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983.  It was the deadliest attack against U.S. marines since…

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Mexico, Syria, and the Executive Order

By Victoria Herring President Trump signed an executive order on January 27, 2016 that banned immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries in order to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists”: Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya…


An Unholy Alliance: Turkey’s Support for ISIS

by Christopher Zhang   “They just let them pass” commented local Kurds on the Syrian border with Turkeys, witnessing the migration of dozens of ISIS militants, clad in black, over the Turkish-Syrian border to join the fight…