Fall 2016 Edition is Out!

GlobalVU’s Fall 2016 edition is out in print and online! You can see our Fall Edition here as a flip book and download the PDF here!

Table of Contents

The Panopticon and the Case of Anwar al-Awlaki p.1

The Shadow of Falklands Sovereignty p. 6

Edward Azar’s Protracted Social Conflict Theory & its Arab-Israeli Application p. 9

Female Education and Its Effects on Fertility Rates p. 12 UN Peacekeepers: Friend or Foe? p. 18

The Prevention of Gender-Based Violence in Dadaab: A Capability-Oriented Approach p. 21

Death by Oil: Venezuela’s Economic Crisis p. 25

The Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment and Political Corruption in the Developing World p. 29

The Ghost of Gaddafi p. 35

The Push for Populism around the World p. 40

Al-Maqdisi’s Wahhabi Criticism of Saudi Arabia and the Rise of Salafi-Jihadi Organizations p. 43


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